Tell Me, and I'll Forget; Show Me, and I May Remember; INVOLVE ME, and I'LL UNDERSTAND


Two Cents

Join, Contribute, Learn…

Business Objectives

The Two Cents platform provides a forum for an individual to become “A Subject Matter Expert”. The platform provides the tools necessary for the “Flipped Classroom” approach to education and Social or Peer to Peer Learning. This tool is ideal for individuals that are motivated to lead and share their expertise. Platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter serve some of the intrinsic motivators for these folks to post an opinion, idea or solution, however, outside of “likes” or thread comments there is no formal recognition of a demonstrated expertise. Two Cents sets out to fill in this gap and formalize the informal process of peer to peer learning. This helps individuals develop their expertise as well as their collaborative and leadership skills. Formal Certificates of official recognition may be of interest to higher education partners.

Target behaviors

TWO Cents is arranged around the “teaching to others” plank in the learning pyramid. Essentially, learning retention is best demonstrated when you are capable of teaching a topic to a peer. TWO Cents leverages the social media aspects of the platform to drive peer to peer learning through the Peeragogy ideology, using the Peeragogy handbook as the peer to peer learning guide. Individuals that are interested in becoming a Subject Matter expert on a particular topic will initiate a formal activity by:

1. Convening a Group (utilize the Peeragogy Handbook to design a learning experience-coursware-quizzes, collaboration and projects)
2. Organizing a Learning Space (setting up the topic/class in Two Cents)
3. Doing Cooperative Work (facilitating group discussion and projects)
4. Conducting effective Peer Assessments (Did facilitator come through on the main deliverable, Subject Matter Expertise-Knowledge transfer, did students participate- peer review pf each other)

Target Participants

Target participants of TWO Cents are individuals that people turn to for advice and information, seek leadership roles, want to stand out, and consider themselves life-long learners. They can also be described as individuals that have the respect, admiration and trust of their friends and colleagues. Folks that are heavy users of social platforms, like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter would be ideal participants. Essentially, we are looking for individuals that have influence and enjoy influencing, leading, teaching, advising and sharing with others.