How is the OASIS Virtual Campus different than e-learning or computer based training ( CBT)?

OASIS can host and deliver your CBT modules. Combine CBT modules with our Peer to Peer learning module or virtual lab and you have an exceptional learning modality. We have clients that currently use OASIS for CBT delivery, and in addition they can provide instructor led virtual training, delivering effective knowledge transfer in a true virtual classroom with substantial cost savings!

We already use Adobe Connect™ or GoTo Meeting™ for our virtual training, how is OASIS different?

Adobe Connect™ or GoToMeeting™ are conferencing services, not integrated training platforms. OASIS incorporates tools similar to Adobe Connect™ and GoToMeeting™, but that is just one feature of OASIS. If your company has already made an investment in Adobe Connect™, we can integrate it with OASIS, but there is no reason to spend money on another service when the OASIS Virtual Campus has it all covered.

Our corporate university handles our training needs. We do not use outside vendors. How would OASIS benefit us in this situation?

OASIS is a perfect solution for this situation. OASIS has all the tools needed to create Massive Open Online Class (MOOC) style delivery, Flipped Classroom and host your CBT libraries. Advanced or technical training in the form of virtual instructor led classes can be delivered internally at a significant cost savings over retail training providers. Additionally, OASIS can be branded with your organization’s look and feel.

We only use external training when we convert to or deploy a new technology (SAP, Oracle, etc…). Can OASIS benefit us in this situation?

Yes, OASIS can be used by your external training vendor. If your organization specifies OASIS as its preferred virtual training platform you will realize significant cost savings on travel and logistics without compromising quality.

What differentiates AVLS from other learning platforms providers?

Our knowledge of how to precisely apply technology without detracting focus from the overall business strategy is what sets us apart.OASIS was specifically designed to allow training organizations to focus on the business of learning. OASIS addresses the mounting technological, logistical, and budgetary challenges facing the training industry, corporate universities, and community colleges.