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The OASIS Virtual Campus is versatile and can be used in many scenarios including virtual and physical classrooms. OASIS serves three primary market segments within the education and training industries.


Retail Training Industry

Retail training firms benefit by gaining the ability to enter new markets and immediately offer high demand classes previously prohibitive without investment in infrastructure or instructional staff. By removing the technology and logistical constraints associated with training hardware (imaging, shipping, repairing, insurance, and support), OASIS provides a simple way for retail training companies to drive more revenue. And because the service is available on demand, there is no upfront investment required.

Community Colleges

OASIS allows community colleges to economically expand their workforce development programs with virtual classrooms to better meet the needs of their corporate partners. There is no initial infrastructure or support investment required, and OASIS seamlessly integrates with the most popular learning management systems used by the community college industry, so the virtual campus appears as an extension of the existing college web presence.

Corporate Universities

Corporate learning organizations can expand their capabilities elastically, allowing them to quickly scale to meet almost any training requirement without the need for additional hardware, software, or support personnel.

OASIS enables an existing corporate learning organization to meet the training needs of the entire enterprise by delivering a consistent quality virtual classroom learning experience while maintaining central financial control.

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